Jon was exactly what we needed when we were looking to buy a house. The fact that he was a buyer’s only realtor and the way he handled every house we looked at confirmed that he truly was looking out for our interests alone. We knew the area we wanted to live in and the type of house that we wanted. He only showed us the homes that fit into our criteria. We appreciated the fact that he did not try to push something on us that was not in our price range or outside of our desires. In fact, with Jon there is no pushing at all; happily, the whole experience was completely without pressure. When we found the house we wanted he was able to expertly guide us through what became a difficult process due to the sellers. Each time we hit a brick wall, Jon found a solution to guide us around the barrier. His local area knowledge and professional contacts were second to none. Jon claimed to only work with the best throughout the buying process and we were never let down. Jon is a professional who readily gave his opinion to assist with decisions and questions, but at the same time carried out our wishes if we chose to go another direction. The bottom line is that because of Jon’s knowledge, perseverance, and contacts we are living in our first choice house that we absolutely love and have never regretted. We have no reservations recommending Jon to anyone looking to purchase a house.

Steve and Rachel

We want to thank you for all your help, and write a letter for your testimonial section. When we were thinking about buying a home in Tucson for our son to live in while attending U of A, we didn't know where to start.

Thankfully, we came upon your website.

When I saw how informative it was, and I browsed the listings, I knew you were the one to work with. You were so helpful in so many ways, I don't know where to start. You took my son around and showed him different options, then met with my wife and found us the perfect house.

It was such a pleasure to finally meet you, but I knew what to expect...a genuine nice guy as well as a very capable realtor. The entire process was made very much an enjoyable experience, thanks to your professionalism. Please feel free to send anyone in need of a reference to us, and will be honest with them. I hope someday you can find us our dream home in Tucson, we wouldn't think of calling anyone else. Thanks again for everything.

Dennis and Konni

To Prospective Buyers and REALTORS®,

We are out of state buyers who recently purchased a townhome in Tucson, Arizona using the services of Jon Quist.

You gotta ask for this guy! We term him "one stop shopping" Jon. He is truly a full service Realtor. He can find a solution to every need you may have. For us, he handled roof repair, window replacement, carpet company, painter, handyman, locksmith.

That's just the icing on the cake. Fact is, he's an excellent Realtor and a very congenial person.. He really knows the market and the property. Ask him any question about construction, materials, neighborhood and he knows the answer. He'll even explain historical data and all sorts of trivia that can help you make up your mind.

He's a great negotiator. He knows the "ins" and "outs" of the market, advising when to bid and what to counter. And he's aggressive. He really represents his client to get the best deal for them.

Most importantly, he listens. He didn't waste our time showing off his knowledge of the area or property not fitting the bill. He zoomed in immediately to what we wanted and our price range. He doesn't push and he doesn't use scare tactics to force you into a decision. As we said, he listens. If you want a certain type of neighborhood, that's what he'll show you. If you want certain ambience, that's what he'll show you. Then when you're ready to buy, he does all the work for you, making sure you get what you're entitled to. . . and then some. As we said, that's when he gets aggressive, suggesting what the buyer should be asking for. And if you forget to ask, he'll remember for you.

And he goes above and beyond the job. Ask him anything, "can you let the painter into the house", and he'll do it if possible.

One thing, better to let him drive. He's a race car driver if you're following in your own vehicle!

Kenneth and Martha

We are very happy with Jon's very professional and competent services.

No missing datelines or papers. Very personable and helpful. Highly recommended.


Alex and Tatiana

Dear Jon,

Since I still shamelessly use your services, I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my homebuying experience.

Good-looking web-site!

"I shopped carefully for an agent when I was ready to buy a home, interviewing several Buyer's Agents, as well as double agents (those who work both sides of the street). Jon Quist was ideal for me. He is responsive, not controlling, supportive, not pushy. He's not interested in taking you where you don't want to go and listens carefully to your requirements. If a property looks doubtful for some reason, he tells you plainly what the problems are. However, if you fall in love, he'll do everything he can to make it work. Jon is patient, tireless and highly competent. I recommend him without reservation."

I could go on and on if you need more stuff... ;-}

Thanks for everything.


I have recommended Jon Quist to several of our friends here in the Tempe area. Last year, we were looking for a townhouse near the University of Arizona for our children. The last time we bought a home, our agent reminded us that he worked for the seller and not us.... not a comforting situation. Jon has a written agreement that clearly states he is working for the buyer, not the seller.

I don't know how many townhomes we looked at, but Jon was always on top of any new listing. Jon helped us purchase the house, and even took the extra step to put us in contact with the right people to recarpet and repaint our home.

Thanks Jon.

Doug and Patricia, and Cheryl

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jon Quist, Buyers Agent, for helping my wife and I find the perfect home here in Tucson. I did have other Real Estate representatives looking for a home for us for several weeks, but were never able to find one that was in the right area or at a price we could afford. When we contacted Jon, he had lined up several properties for us to visit - one right after the other and we found the perfect home for us the second day after seeing approximately 12 different homes.

There is no doubt about it, using the services of a BUYERS agent is the only way to find your perfect home in the least amount of time - this type of agent is representing the BUYER ONLY and does not have divided loyalty between the buyer and the seller.

Jim and Jane B******r - 8*** E. Arbor Point Place, Tucson, AZ 85***

We are very happy with both the property that you found for us, and the service that we received from you while the house was being built. You found exactly the type floor plan that we wanted, and in a great location. Additionally you offered some great suggestions about lot orientation, and climate management. We would have learned some hard lessons if not for your advice. Closing was a breeze because thanks to you. We knew exactly what to expect, and you explaned each of the transactions in clear understandable terms. For our money, there is only one buyers broker in Tucson, Jon Quist!

John and Betty

"With Jon as my buyers agent, I bought a house last year and could not be happier with the process and the result. Jon was very accessible, listened to me, and showed me houses that were exactly what I was looking for. He gives a lot of great advice about every aspect of the home buying experience and is extremely responsive. I would highly recommend Jon Quist as a buyers agent and would gladly use his services again in the home buying process."

Jon, I hope this is what you're looking for. Let me know if I can edit in any way. I mean what I say - you were a terrific person to have during the process and I would recommend you to anyone in the market for a house.


To Whom It May Concern:

Realtor Jon Quist did an excellent job helping us find our new home when relocating to the Tucson area. We can't praise him enough for the professionalism and going beyond the "call" in helping us relocate.

On a Friday Jon showed us areas he felt would be of interest to us. We then narrowed our search to one community and had a contract in place by Monday evening. By Thursday, through Jon's efforts, all inspections had been done, financing was in place and we were furniture shopping for our home.

Jon is a competent, very knowledgeable real estate agent and goes the extra mile for his clients. Without our knowledge, he even arranged with the seller to permit us to store our car in their garage until our final move here. We couldn't be more satisfied with the service Jon provided and would certainly recommend him for anyone requiring the services of a real estate agent in the Tucson area.

Sharon and Bud

We've been in our new home for a year now and have Jon Quist to thank. We gave him a pretty restrictive set of criteria when we were looking for a house, kind of like Goldilocks: not too big, not too small, not too old, not downtown, but not too far out....and he came through brilliantly. The house he found for us was "just right" -- and still is! Thanks, Jon.

Sherry and Paul

Jon Quist is the BEST. He has helped me find my last two homes and in each transaction, has fullfiled his promise of service. After dealing with agents who work both sides (seller and buyer), I now realize that a buyers agent is the best. Jon is the BEST. He has saved us money, time and potential heart aches. He is available around the clock and works on our behalf as if he were a family member, going to live in the appointed house. To all concerned buyers, I recommend Jon to represent you. Don't make a mistake by not using him.

Walt & Jody

Dear Jon,

We can't thank you enough for your help in our home purchase. Working with you proved to be most efficient, pleasant, and fun. We'll definitely keep in touch and contact you again, if we ever decide to buy another home in Tucson (You never know?).

We're having fun moving in to our new home, and feel very grateful!

All the best,

Wendy and Eric

Jon Quist is the best buyer's realtor you could ask for. I went down to Tucson from California thinking I knew what I was looking for in the Tucson area and had asked Jon to set up a series of specific house visits. When I got down there and took a quick look around the neighborhood I thought was interesting, I realized I had no idea of what I was doing.

I called Jon that night, and he assured me he could satisfy my wants and needs. I just wasn't looking in the right place. He ginned up a list of properties to visit, and I started my search the next morning with him.

The first house he showed me I ended up buying! He proceeded to show me almost 20 more houses in 2 days just to make sure. They were all nice places as well. Jon was the essence of a professional.

He knows his business and Tucson realty. The kicker is that he is such a pleasant and affable gent!
I thoroughly enjoyed my house hunting experience all the way through closing with Jon. I'd recommend him to anyone. Call me if you'd like. Jon has my number.

Dave H